Project Tutorial Design Codes Reinforced Concrete Deflection ACI midas nGen moment redistribution Flexural Resistance continuous beam

How is Moment Redistribution Coefficient Calculated?

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Moment Redistribution Coefficient


Project Tutorial Deflection midas Gen Steel Beam continuous beam Beam Deflection cantilever beam deflection limit

Deflection Check of Steel Beam

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What is it? - Deflection Limitation


The beam deflection is one of the checks that should be performed for serviceability limit state design. Deflection is the displacement within a structural member under the influence of loads, ignoring the displacements of the rest of the structure.


Figure 1. Deflection Limitation
Figure 2. Suggested Deflection Limits for Structural Elements

Project Tutorial Wind Loads ASCE 7-16 wind pressures

Wind Load as per ASCE 7-16 for the Warehouse with Monoslope Roof

Yeong-il SeoMarch 31, 2022

Wind Load as per ASCE 7-16


Information of Example Model

This is an explanation how to input wind load data in the warehouse with monoslope roof.

Information of the example model is given as follows.

Figure1. Warehouse Example Model

 Figure 2. Warehouse Roof Example Model
Table 1. Wind Load Data Informations
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Project Tutorial Analysis Manual for Midas/Gen Design Conditions

Solution for Unknown Loads Using Optimization Technique

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Solution for Unknown Loads Using Optimization Technique


Project Tutorial Construction Stage Analysis Time Dependent Material Properties Creep and Shrinkage Analysis Manual for Midas/Gen

Construction Stage Analysis Reflecting Erection Sequence

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A building structure is typically constructed floor by floor in the case of a reinforced concrete structure or often constructed several floors at a time in the case of a structural steel structure. Even on the same floor, different parts are constructed at different stages.

A typical structural analysis entails applying the loads to the completed structure at once. This results in significant discrepancies as the scale of the building increase, especially as the number of stories increases. Regardless of the type of construction, construction dead loads on a particular floor are typically acting on the structure without the presence of the upper floors during the construction. This actually results in completely different column shortenings from the analysis results based on the “full loading on the completed structure”.  The change of strength gain, creep and shrinkage in the case of reinforced concrete construction compound the discrepancies. MIDAS/Gen enables the engineer to account for the change of geometries and time-dependent material properties during and after the construction.

Each temporary structure at a particular stage of construction affects the subsequent stages. Also, it is not uncommon to install and dismantle temporary supports during construction. The structure constantly changes or evolves as the construction progresses with varying material properties such as modulus of elasticity and compressive strength due to different maturities among contiguous members. The structural behaviors such as deflections and stress re-distribution continue to change during and after the construction due to varying time-dependent properties.

Since the structural configuration continuously changes with different loadings and support conditions, and each construction stage affects the subsequent stages, the design of certain structural components may be even governed during the construction. Without such construction stage analysis, the conventional analysis will not be reliable.







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Design Method of Structures Using Cable and Truss Elements

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Applications of Construction Stage Analysis in Structural Design

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Construction Stage Analysis at Low or Middle Building


Project Tutorial FEM Analysis midas nGen design criteria

Target Ratio

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Project Tutorial BIM midas nGen midas Gen

Gen-nGen Interface

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Project Tutorial Building Information Modeling BIM Revit Structure revit interface revit link

nGen Link for Revit Structure

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Project Tutorial Building Information Modeling BIM idea interface idea connection

Gen-IDEA Interface

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Project Tutorial structural drawings Foundation Drawing Member List Quantity takeoff Beam Schedule Rebar arrangement Bill of Materials

Auto-Generation of Structural Drawings

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