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midas nGen has integrated the total process of structural engineering practice.
With the automation and optimization facility, it generates comprehensive structural drawings, structural calculation reports and quantity takeoffs, which helps the engineers reduce time required to produce high-quality design deliverables and gain productivity.
Easy and Intuitive

With CAD-tracing based modeling and auto-generation of members from 2D Drawings, Easy and intuitive modeling is implemented.

Analysis & Design

The auto-generation of meshed members achieves accurate Analysis Results. Various analysis cases can be separately and jointly analyzed. For building specialized loading, wind and seismic loads are automatically applied by stories.

Quick Report
& Drawing

After the design and analysis step, users can easily extract the structural drawings and reports and quantity takeoffs by members, materials, etc.

Compare to CAD or BIM software, those products are user-friendly and not hard for a newbie to understand the concept of the products. What I like the most is the convenience of switching between units and all functions are not too hard to find because it’s user-friendly. Italian-Thai Development, Thailand
I like the way views are handled in MIDAS, the assignment of sections, materials, etc. It is very versatile, simple and complex projects can be handled with ease. It has good support and literature online. Soliflex Ingeniería Civil, Colombia
Provide complete education and training courses and perfect after-sales service to help deal with questions about the use of the program. CECI, Taiwan
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