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Incheon International Airport Transportation Center
- Linear static analysis with finite elements
- Steel frame design as per KSSC-LSD

Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium
- Optimization design of steel structure
- Construction stage analysis

Moscow City Palace Tower
- Construction stage analysis with creep and shrinkage
- Linear dynamic analysis with response spectrum

- Linear dynamic analysis with finite elements
- Response Spectrum analysis
- RC building as per ACI318

midas Gen offers conventional analysis capabilities as well as other analysis such as geometric nonlinear analysis, boundary nonlinear analysis, pushover analysis, construction stage analysis, heat of hydration analysis, etc. Diverse range of specialty finite elements render accurate and practical results.
Versatile Design

midas Gen provides design capabilities for various materials and member types according to the international standards, leading to optimal design.

Highest Market Share
in Seismic Region

midas Gen offers advanced seismic analyses such as pushover analysis, nonlinear time history analysis, boundary nonlinear analysis and fiber analysis, as well as conventional seismic analysis such as static seismic and response spectrum analysis.

High-rise Analysis

midas Gen provides Construction Stage Analysis capabilities, which reflects the time dependent material properties of concrete such as modulus of elasticity, creep and shrinkage.

The use of midas Gen is interesting in the management of the construction phases and in the intermediate checks. The modeling and interaction with Excel make it very efficient because it allows the customization and adaptability of the check procedures. ONEWORKS, Italy
Midas Gen has developed the design specifications of Taiwan regulations and the design results are quite reliable. It is a reliable analysis and design tool. CTCI, Taiwan
Not only has our overall productivity increased, but is also expanded our horizon in doing differing design checks such as Vibration analysis, something of which we were not able to do before. SY^2 Associates, Philippines
midas Gen currently represents one of the main structural analysis software for ETS. Thanks to its usability, accuracy, and reliability of the results, tested by us since its adoption many years ago, for our civil engineering projects. ETS Ingegneria, Italy
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Spatial Structure Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport

- Linear static analysis with finite elements
- Node local axis for reaction in local direction
- Beam end release for pinned connection

Completed as the gateway to the city for the twenty-ninth Olympiad in 2008, Beijing’sinternational terminal is the world’s largest and most advanced airport building not onlytec hno log ica lly b ut als o i n terms of p as senger exp erience, op er at ional ef fic ienc y andsustainability. Designed to be welcoming and uplifting, it is also a symbol of place and its soaring aerodynamic roof and dragon-like form celebrating the thrill and poetry of flight and evoking traditional Chinese colors and symbols.

Statue Process to Knowledge base Modeling FEM

- 3D 5million elements solid model
- Dynamic behavior of the mammoth in the Spanish fortress

The study of the metallic supporting frame of the mammoth is particularly for its structuralstability. It’s located in a seismic prone area and has survived from the very strong L’Aquilaearthquake in 2009.

Steel Structure Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

- Fibre reinforced concrete analysis
- Linear dynamic analysis with response spectrum

The DDP has been designed as a cultural hub at the center of Dongdaemun, a historic district ofSeoul that is now renowned for 24-hour shopping and cafes. DDP is a place for people of all agesas a catalyst for the instigation and exchange of ideas and for new technologies and media tobe explored. The variety of public spaces within DDP includes art/exhibition halls, conference hall,design museum/exhibition hall/pathway and ect. Like this, DDP is enable to present the widestdiversity of exhibitions and events that feed the cultural vitality of the city.

Masonry San Lorenzo

- Plastic analysis with masonry material properties
- Finite element model for seismic safety verification of masonry building

Overall, it has a 1,600m2 plant area, spreads over three levels above ground andhas a total of about 13m height. The total volume is approximately 20,000m3. - Determine the natural frequency of vibration of the construction site.- Determine the natural frequency of vibration of the building in its main direction.- Check the phenomenon of double resonance of the brick-resistance structure.- Compare the results between obtained from vibration frequency and those from the FEM model and give an assessment of the mechanical model validation.

Plant Structure Gas Pipeline with Venturi Support Tower

- Static and dynamic analysis with finite elements- Mesh generation using midas FX+

In this project, stress analysis of the gas purification line with integrated static and dynamiccalculation of the new metallic structures of the existing venturi support towers are performed.

RC Building City Center and Hard Rock Hotel

- DFX import for irregular model generation
- Construction stage analysis
- Linear time history analysis for walk vibration

In this project, stress analysis of the gas purification line with integrated static and dynamiccalculation of the new metallic structures of the existing venturi support towers are performed.

Skyscraper Shanghai Center Building

- Construction stage analysis with creep and shrinkage- Linear dynamic analysis with response spectrum- Equivalent wind load simulation

The mixed-use development comprises 380,000m2 and includes Class A office space, retail, a luxury hotel, 2,200-seat arena, and connections to the Shanghai Metro and three floors of below-grade parking. It also features the world’s highest non-enclosed observation deck. The tower features a twisting triangular form with a façade that curves 120 degrees from its base. Its structural system consists of a 90-by-90-foot concrete core connected to a system of outriggersand super columns supported on 1,079 concrete and steel bore piles driven deep into ground.

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