Gen Feature Mesh

Midas Gen is equipped with a mesh generation function that can implement optimized 2D modeling.
Automesh function applied with high quality/high performance mesh generation algorithm automatically generates domain function and supports for various shapes (Triangle/Quadrilateral) so that anyone can easily create a mesh.

Mesh Generation

midas Gen provides mesh generation features for slab and wall members.
Generated mesh elements are fully compatible with analysis and design feature. In addition, applying precise load and analysis on arbitrary point of slab is ensured based on the aligned-mesh.

Auto-mesh Function

Automesh function applied with high quality mesh generation algorithm ensures engineers to create a mesh automatically.

United Analysis Support

By modeling the frame and slab/wall as an integral part, the analysis and design time is drastically reduced.

Meshed Slab and Wall Design

midas Gen provides slab/mat/wall/shell design for meshed plate elements based on various codes. Also, smooth moment and shear forces are considered in slab and wall design. Static wind and seismic loads for flexible floors are automatically generated. Also, 1-way (strip) and 2-way slab can be desiged.

Wood Armer Moment

Reinforced concrete with orthogonal as well as nonorthogonal structure can be designed considering the wood armer moment and unbalanced moment.

Slab/Mat/Wall/Shell Design

It is capable of flexural and shear design for meshed slab/mat for in-plane stress of mashed slab/mat, out-of-plane of meshed wall, and in and out-of-plane of meshed shell.

Various Application

Mesh function can be used for various structural modeling. From normal construction structures (flat slab with perimeter beam, transfer plate and mat foundation) to various structures such as belt outrigger slab caisson, pumping plant, arch tube, subway station, composite plate girder bridge and steel connection.

Transfer Plate, Mat Foundation

High-quality and High-performance mesh generation system builds mesh automatically with the adequate type(Trianglular/Quadrilateral). With this function, one can easily pass the modeling step.

Special Structure

United modeling of Frame, Slab and Wall shortens the time spent on analysis and design and ensures engineers to implement structural Design of each element.

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