nGen Feature Reinforced Concrete Structure

midas nGen is a highly optimized software for designing RC structures and generating drawings based on the information.
Modeling, loading, analysis, design, drawing creation, and BIM compatibility can be performed very easily and quickly.
Maximize your productivity in designing concrete structures in one product.

CAD-based Modeling

In midas nGen, modeling can be performed quickly and accurately using CAD files or grids. Place an architectural floor plan on a specific floor and automatically recognize CAD layers to generate a model automatically. It is possible to model members of various shapes considering eccentricity. The modeling method is similar to the CAD drawing method, so even first-time users can quickly adapt.

Modeling using Snap Point

It provides an intuitive modeling environment with the same modeling method as the CAD style.

Modeling using CAD Layers

It can automatically recognize muti layers in CAD or grids and model them right away.

Multi Stories & Towers

Analysis and design can be performed for each floor in one model. For each floor, boundary conditions such as diaphragms can be conveniently assigned. The results for each floor in each building can be integrated or individually checked.

Multi-story Building

You can quickly generate multi-story buildings by copy the typical floor model from low to high-rise buildings. It provides an optimized environment for modeling with multi floors.


It is possible to review the structural results of multi-towers at once due to wind and seismic loads.

Various shape Design & Drawing

In midas nGen, we can model various shapes and types of structures and generate drawings, such as irregular beam-column joints, step-down slabs, beams in contact with step-down slabs, transfer beams & slabs, etc.

Various Shapes and Members

We can model with various types of members and diverse shapes in a practical project.

Drawing reflecting Offset

We can precisely adjust the offset that must be reflected in the drawing.

High-performance Pre & Post-processor
& Powerful Mesh Generator

In midas nGen, we can maximize the work efficiency with a brand-new pre & post-processing computational performance. Auto-mesh is possible for plate and shell elements such as slabs and walls, enabling rapid processing even for large-scale models.

High-performance Pre & Post-processing

The brand-new pre & post-processor and fast rendering speed will enable the users to execute the projects more effectively and efficiently.

Auto-generation of Mesh

Auto-create an analytical model from a geometric shape model for which midas nGen creates fictitious nodes at the connection positions where members meet.

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