Gen-IDEA Interface

July 20, 2021


 midas Gen and IDEA StatiCa interface allows you to utilize structural functions.

 Let's get started on how to do the Steel Connection Design.



Step 1 : Checking the License for "Export IDEA"


Firstly, it is necessary to check whether the license for "Export IDEA" is supported.

GEN-IDEA Interface


1) Run an analysis.

2) Run "IDA file..." in File > Export.

3) Modify the model names in a dialog box.

4) Click "Export".




Step 2 : Run IDEA StatiCa


GEN-IDEA Interface22_3Run IDEA StatiCa

1) Click "Steel" tap.

2) Run "Import from other program".

3) Check on the options.

4) Click "Close".




Step 3 : Design Group



1) Click "Design Group".

2) Click the indicator 2.

3) Modify the group name and member type.

4) Modify the design members.

5) Click "OK".





Step 4 : Load Combinations



If there are the load combinations generated in Gen, these combinations are automatically applied.

1) Click "Result Classes".

2) Click "Combinations".

3) Add or Modify the combinations.



Step 5 : Joint Design - 1



[Joint Design]

1) Click "Joints".

2) Click "New".

3) Select the target Joint in the model window.

4) Click "OK".

5) Click "Design".





Step 6 : Joint Design - 2



[Joint Design]

1) Modify the member properties and position.



Step 7 : Joint Design - 3



[Joint Design]

1) Click "Apply" in Design tap > Template.

2) Select the connection detail in the template list.

3) Select the bolt type.

4) Click "OK".



Step 8 : Joint Design - 4




[Joint Design]

1) Modify the connection information.

2) Click "Code Setup" in Design tap > CBFEM.

3) Modify the factor values for design.

4) Click "Calculate" in Design tap > CBFEM.




Step 9 : Joint Design - 5



[Joint Design]

1) Click the "Check" tab.

2) Select the analysis result.

3) Select the element type.

4) Check the design result.




Step 10 : Reporting




1) Click the "Report" tap.

2) Select the type of design report.

3) For BOM, Click "BOM".

4) Select the output type.



Step 11 : Drawing




1) Click "DXF" and save as new name.

2) Import the dxf file in midas Drawing.



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Young-il Seo
Yeong-il Seo | Principal Structural Engineer

Young-il has over 13+ years of experience in building design, especially high-rise buildings with column reduction analysis, plant structures, pushover analysis, health monitoring, and vibration control projects. Since 2016, he is planning and providing technical supports for midas building products such as midas Gen, nGen, and Design+.

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