Gen Feature Nonlinear

mdas Gen offers conventional analysis capabilities as well as other analyses such as geometric nonlinear analysis reflecting large displacement, boundary nonlinear analysis, pushover analysis, construction simulated analysis reflecting time dependent material properties, heat of hydration analysis, etc.

Material Nonlinear Analysis

Material nonlinearity occurs when the behavior of material shows nonlinear stress-strain or stress-displacement response. In this case, the structure cannot be built with linear properties. midas Gensupports the material model for the analysis of steel & concrete with nonlinear behavior of steel, concrete, and masonry.

Concrete Model

The supported material nonlinear models for concrete are as follows.
- Kent & Park Model, Trilinear Model
- China Model, Japan Concrete Standard…

Steel Model

The supported material nonlinear models for steel are as follows.
- Menegotto-Pinto Model, Bilinear Model
- Trilinear Steel Model, Park Model…

Boundary Nonlinear Analysis

Boundary nonlinearity occurs when the boundary or contact surface of structure changes over time. midas Gen support a time history analysis considering boundary nonlinear, which enables us to analyze and evaluate seismic isolators and dampers. Gap, Hook and hysterestic system are also provided.

Nonlinear Spring

Multilinear elastic connection spring type of boundary nonlinear is supported by selecting the tensile andcompressive stiffness of the link element.

Seismic Device(Damper/Isolator)

Boundary nonlinear elements are provided to analyze the inelastic behavior of structures caused by earthquake loads.

Geometry Nonlinear Analysis

Large displacement analysis encountered in cable supported structures, cable net structures, long span strcutrues,etc. can be performed reflecting the change in geometrical deformations.

Cable Element

By applying the catenary element, one can take into account the nonlinearity of the cable.

Buckling & P-Delta Analysis

It provides a function of dynamic analysis of the buckling shape and critical buckling load factor by mode and P-Delta effect for general static and nonlinear analysis.

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