nGen Feature Steel Structure

midas nGen is a highly optimized software for designing steel structures and generating drawings based on the design information.Modeling, loading, analysis, design, drawing creation, and BIM compatibility can be performed very easily and quickly. Maximize your productivity in designing steel structures in one product.

Grid-based Modeling

Changing the modeling environment to an arbitrary 2D plane from 3D modeling provides intuitive modeling like sketching members in drawings. Experience the optimal modeling method with a grid environment that can be conveniently used when modeling steel structures.

Grid Style Modeling

It provides the Grid Style modeling method, which is an environment optimized for steel modeling. This grid line is useful not only for modeling, but also for generating drawings.

Modeling using CAD Layers

Modeling can be done using the automatic or manual layer recognition function at intersecting points, division points, and user-specified locations.

3D Shape Modeling

midas nGen considers the connection between member types and automatically divides or merges members according to the connection conditions between members. Also, considering this construction shape, the users can generate the drawings, and utilize BIM compatibility functions.

3D Shape Modeling

We can make a model considering the construction shape. Analysis and design can be performed considering the offset or the stepped distance.

Design for Crane Girder

midas nGen supports moving load analysis and member design for the crane girders and columns, which is widely applied in factory structures.

Code-based Design Load

nGen supports seismic and wind resistance design. We can easily input earthquake loads and wind loads based on various design codes and review in detail how much load has been input. The user can maximize the efficiency of design work even for the complex shape of structures.

Wind Load

Wind load can be entered to the various type of structures such as structures with and without floors and equipment. Wind load can also be entered based on the function for the equation along with various design codes.

Seismic Load

Once the seismic loads are applied, the loading profile and reports are automatically generated. Seismic loading input due to static seismic and response spectrum functions are available.

Optimal Design

Based on the target strength ratio for all design items, including relative deflection, we can perform the optimal design of steel structures to search the optimal sections. The user can control the size of the section by member connection conditions or section groups.

Code-based Design

We can verify the members in ultimate limit state and service limit state conditions according to the various international standards.

Detail Design Report

The design results of nGen are accurate and detailed enough to be used immediately as project deliverables. Summary and detail design reports are provided with the clauses numbers on the design code.

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