nGen Feature Basement

midas nGen is all-in-one solution to design from super-structures to sub-structures.
Using CAD style modeling and various wizard functions, we can complete foundation design quickly and easily.

Design Various Foundation Types

midas nGen supports the member design and drawing features for the various type of foundations. In addition, it is possible to design the foundation by modeling it together with the super-structure or replacing the reaction force information with the load on the foundation member.

Various Types of Foundations

Pedestals, grade beams, basement walls, isolated footings, strip footings, and mat footings can be designed. Pile array and punching shear checks are also supported.

Foundation Drawings

Plan, elevation, rebar arrangement and pile arrangement drawings for basement walls, isolated footings, strip footings and mat footings can be generated.

Pile Arrangement & Design

Using the Pile Array wizard, we can automatically calculate how many piles are required, and we can optimally arrange the piles. After placing the piles, we can flexibly edit the pile position in case of revision.

Automatic Pile Arrangement

midas nGen automatically arranges piles considering the required quantity of piles, the distance between the centers of the piles, and the distance from the edge.

Create Pile Property

midas nGen provides PC, PHC and Steel piles to provide pile properties. Also, the user can manually input the properties. Vertical and horizontal pile spring stiffness can be automatically calculated. Bearing capacity due to compression and tension can be verified.

Various Analysis Method

Two types of analysis methods for the mat foundation are supported. In addition, a wizard function is provided to conveniently design the foundation design of a pipe rack or tank structure.

Various Analysis Method

The rigid method assumes that the foundation member behaves like a rigid body and utilizes the strip to calculate member forces. The FEM method takes that the foundation is an elastic body based on a finite element method. midas nGen supports design for both analysis methods and provides the safety review results of the foundation structures.

Tank Foundation Wizard

With simple input, model and load information of the storage tank are automatically created. The reaction force on the storage tank is automatically replaced with the load information on the foundation member, making it possible to conduct a design review of the foundation plate conveniently.

High-quality Structural Drawings

All structural drawings required when designing foundation structures can be automatically generated based on design information. Create foundation plan, elevation including main rebar information, pile layout, and trench line.

Stepped Foundation Plan

We can create structural drawings by considering the excavation line and step-down foundation.

Section Drawing including Rebar Arrangement

When creating an elevation view, information of main rebars and shear rebars, as well as arrangements of piles, can be included.

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