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Hospital in Montecchio Maggiore Italy

hospital in montecchio maggiore
The irregular shape building for the hospital is located in Montecchio, Italy. It has 7 floors with basement space. FEM was used for the irregular slabs by midas Gen.

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Shanghai Center Building China

Its structural system consists of a 90-by-90-foot concrete core connected to a system of outriggers and super columns supported on 1,079 concrete and steel bore piles driven deep into the ground. The outrigger trusses and super columns derive stiffness from the concrete inner building, comprising an effective system for resisting wind and seismic loads for supertall buildings.

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Beijing Capital International Airport China

Completed as the gateway to the city for the twenty-ninth Olympiad in 2008, Beijing'sinternational terminal is the world's largest and most advanced airport building not only technologically but also in terms of passenger experience, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

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