nGen Feature Drawing

In midas Drawing, structural drawings can be automatically created and edited in a 2D CAD work environment.
We can generate the structural plans, elevations, beam schedules, longitudinal rebar drawings, quantity take-offs and foundation drawings. Using midas Drawing, we can create drawings in real-time instead of manually draw them.

CAD Software, Free of Charge

The most significant features of midas Drawing are AutoCAD alternative functions and the structural drawing creation function. Most of the CAD functions currently in use are available in midas Drawing. In addition, midas Drawing provides an automatic generation of drawings using design information.

Alternative to AutoCAD

midas Drawing provides most of the functions available in AutoCAD. It can be used in practical projects by replacing the existing CAD software.

Information CAD

Based on the design information of midas nGen, all structural drawings and detailed drawings can be automatically generated through midas Drawing.

Generate Concrete Building Drawings

Engineers can create structural drawings at desired locations in real-time. A list of members, including rebars can be output for each section. In addition, midas Drawing provides longitudinal rebar drawings of beams, columns and walls, and the rebar arrangement of slabs. Experience an intelligent CAD feature by quickly adjusting the dimensions and text marked on the drawing with the scale change function.

Member Lists

Member lists including rebars for entire members such as beams, columns, walls, and slabs are provided.

Bar Bending Schedule

Drawings can be created by representing all longitudinal detail drawings, including splices and anchorage development.

Generate Steel Structure Drawings

The offsets and the cut backs of the steel frames can be reflected in the drawing.
In addition, the entire steel members can be expressed as a double line or single line according to the user's preference. The CAD characteristics of all automatically generated drawing components are determined by the specified template, and the template can be freely changed and used by the user.

Double Line

We can create a steel structure drawing with a double line by expressing all the width and depth of the steel frames.

Single Line

Steel drawings can be expressed in a sing line, including primary and minor axis symbols and Design groups.

Quantity Take-off

In midas Drawing, the quantity calculation for reinforced concrete and steel members is provided in an Excel file. For reinforced concrete members, the quantity takeoff is provided by design groups and member lengths. Quantity by the strength of concrete and the diameter of rebars and the amount of formworks are also calculated. For steel members, quantity is provided by design groups and member lengths. The total weights of steel members are calculated either based on the center lines or based on the member lengths considering cutback.

Concrete Members

midas Drawing provides the quantity of the entire structure in an Excel format file, including concrete, rebars and formworks.

Steel Members

The total weights of steel members are provided in an Excel format file considering the actual construction shape.

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