Structure Insight Rigid End Offset boundary condition elastic boundary element Degree of Freedom Element End Release Spring Support

What are Boundary Conditions?

Yeong-il SeoJanuary 27, 2022


Boundary conditions represent the status of connections between the structure and neighboring structures such as foundations. Boundary conditions are distinguished by nodal boundary conditions and element boundary conditions.

Nodal boundary conditions:

The constraint for the degree of freedom
Elastic boundary element (Spring support)
Elastic link element (Elastic Link)

Element boundary conditions:

Element end release
Rigid end offset distance (Beam End Offset)
Rigid link


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There are cases where the design must be satisfied for two or more conditions for the same structure. In general, the design needs to be performed considering the load during construction and the load in use at the same time, as shown below. In this document, I will introduce how to perform two analyses simultaneously.


√ Page Contents

1. Modeling
2. Loading
3. The Setting of Boundary Condition
4. Running an Analysis
5. Running an Analysis: Checking Result-1
6. Running an Analysis: Checking Result-2
7. Running a Design
8. Combined Design Case
9. Running a Design: Checking Design Result


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