Tips & Tutorials MIDAS GEN AISC Direct Analysis

Direct Analysis of Steel Structure

Yeong-il SeoJune 27, 2022

Definition of Direct Analysis & Application by program

Eurocode Tips & Tutorials MIDAS nGEN MIDAS GEN Imperfection Load

What is Imperfection Load?

Yeong-il SeoJune 7, 2022

Definition of Imperfection load & Design Procedure by program

Eurocode Tips & Tutorials Pushover Analysis MIDAS GEN

What are Element Rotation and Hinge Rotation?

Yeong-il SeoApril 25, 2022

What are Element Rotation and Hinge Rotation?


Project Tutorial Deflection MIDAS GEN Steel Beam continuous beam Beam Deflection cantilever beam deflection limit

Deflection Check of Steel Beam

Yeong-il SeoApril 11, 2022

What is it? - Deflection Limitation


The beam deflection is one of the checks that should be performed for serviceability limit state design. Deflection is the displacement within a structural member under the influence of loads, ignoring the displacements of the rest of the structure.


Figure 1. Deflection Limitation
Figure 2. Suggested Deflection Limits for Structural Elements

Time History Analysis Tips & Tutorials MIDAS GEN

How to Perform Time-History Analysis?

Yeong-il SeoOctober 21, 2021

Introduction of Functions for Time-History Analysis in midas Gen


Process in midas Gen



Time history analysis has a procedure similar to Pushover analysis.  After running the analysis, the member force, hinge status, and story drift results should be checked.



Gen-nGen Interface

Yeong-il SeoSeptember 28, 2021


Tips & Tutorials MIDAS nGEN MIDAS GEN

Comparison Between Gen & nGen

Yeong-il SeoJuly 13, 2021