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How is Moment Redistribution Coefficient Calculated?

Yeong-il SeoApril 19, 2022

Moment Redistribution Coefficient


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ACI 318-19 Updates for ULS Design of Reinforcement Concrete

Yeong-il SeoApril 4, 2022

ACI 318-19 Updates for ULS Design of Reinforcement Concrete


The new ACI318 Code, ACI318-19 is similar with the previous code, ACI318-14 in the basic approach. but in the current documents, there are a number of significant differences.

Through this brief document, you can discover the differences between the two codes, and understand their factors and design concepts.

In this document, the comparison between ACI 318-19 and ACI318-14 Code has 8 classified sections.

1. New rebar material,

2. Minimum reinforcement provisions

3. New reinforcement strain limit

4. Significant updates to shear provisions

5. Hanger reinforcement provisions

6. New equation for Ie

7. Modification of development length provisions

8. Modification of earthquake-resistance provisions.


Also, the specific standards are based on the ACI318M-19 and ACI318M-14 as SI Units for US Codes.


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