[midas Gen Application Tutorial] Automesh and Slab/Wall Design Tutorial as per Eurocode 2


Gen 2021 v1.1

Type of Structure

RC Structure with Flat Slab and Shear Wall

Applied Design Code

Eurocode 1-4: 2005
Eurocode 2: 2004 (EN 1992-1-1)
Eurocode 8-1 : 2004

Main Features

Generation of Automesh
Set Design Parameter
Frame Design
Meshed Slab Design
Meshed Wall Design

midas Gen Tutorial Automesh and Slab/Wall Design as per Eurocode 2


This tutorial has been provided to explain how to perform meshed slab and wall design. For this reason, the procedure for the general frame design process was not included. For the users who are not familiar with the general design features of midasGen, it is recommended to review the “Eurocode 2 Design of a Multi-Story RC Building” and “Seismic Design for RC Building” tutorial before going through this tutorial.

  • 1. Model & Automesh

      01 Opening the Pre-Generated Model File
      02 Auto-Mesh Planar Area

  • 2. Design Parameters

      01 Pressure Loads
      02 Building Generation

      03 Automatic Generation of the Story Data

      04 Active Identity

      05 Define Sub-Domain

      06 Wind Loads

      07 Response Spectrum Functions

      08 Response Spectrum Load Cases

      09 Automatic Generation of Load Combinations


  • 3. Frame Design

      01 Column Design
      02 Modify Column Rebar Data

      03 Slab and Wall Load Combinations

      04 Design Criteria for Rebar


  • 4. Slab/Wall Design

      01 Activity Identity

      02 Slab Flexural Design

      03 Slab Shear Checking

      04 Serviceability Parameter

      05 Serviceability Load Combination Type

      06 Slab Serviceability Checking

      07 Wall Design

Video Tutorial
Tutorial Automesh and Slab/Wall
Design as per Eurocode 2

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