[midas Gen Basic Tutorial] Web-Opening Detail Analysis


Gen 2021 v1.1

Type of Structure

Web-Opening of Steel Member

Applied Design Code


Main Features

Modeling of Plate with Mesh
Generation of Mesh in Plate
Rigid Link
Interpret Analysis Results

midas Gen Tutorial [Basic Tutorial] Web-Opening Detail Analysis


This tutorial presents the modeling and analysis processes for the reinforcement design of a beam with a circular web opening and explains the procedure for verifying results. The essential contents for the user to experience in the example are the following:

- Detail modeling using plate elements to study the stress distribution around the vicinity of the opening.

- Method of using Rigid Link for the structural link between the opening detail model and the model of the remaining parts with beam elements.

- Method to extract the analysis results for plate elements.

  • 1. Summary

      01 Analysis Model and Load Cases


  • 2. Preferences Setting

      01 Unit System

  • 3. Enter Material and Section Properties 

  • 4. Structural Modeling

  • 5. Enter Structure Support Conditions 

  • 6. Enter Loading Data 

      01 Define Load Cases
      02 Define Uniformly Distributed Load
      03 Define Concentrated Load



  • 7. Perform Structural Analysis 

  • 8. Interpret Analysis Results

      01 Verify Member Stresses

      02 Auto-Compute Member Stresses




Video Tutorial
Tutorial Web-Opening Detail

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