[midas Gen Basic Tutorial] Two Column Hammerhead Pier


Gen 2021 v1.1

Type of Structure

Hammerhead Pier of Bridge

Applied Design Code


Main Features

Modeling of Plate with Mesh
Modeling of Solid with Mesh
Set Analysis Option
Interpret Analysis Results
Resulting on Cutting Planes

midas Gen Tutorial [Basic Tutorial] Two Column Hammerhead Pier


This tutorial presents a hammerhead pier commonly encountered in the design of bridge structures. This chapter has been organized so that the user can easily follow the instructions from the modeling to the interpretation of analysis results.

  • 1. Summary

      01 Analysis Model and Load Cases


  • 2. Structural Modeling Using Nodes and Elements

      01 Preferences Setting and Material Property Data Entry
      02 Create the Pier Base with Plate Elements

      03 Loading Data Entry

  • 3. Perform Structural Analysis

  • 4. Verification and Interpretation of Analysis Results

      01 Load Combination
      02 Check the Deformed Shape

      03 Check the Stresses

Video Tutorial
Tutorial Two Column
Hammerhead Pier

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