[midas Gen Application Tutorial] Linear Time History Analysis


Gen 2021 v1.1

Type of Structure

Steel Structure with Brace System

Applied Design Code


Main Features

Input Time History Load
Linear Modal Time History Analysis
Generation of Time History Graph

midas Gen Tutorial Linear Time History Analysis


This tutorial presents the loading and analysis processes for the building with dynamic load and explains the procedure for verifying results. The essential contents for the user to experience in the example are the following:

- How to generate and input the dynamic load (time history load).

- How to run the eigenvalue analysis and time history analysis.

- How to evaluate the time history analysis results.

- How to generation the time history graph.

  • 1. Model

      01 Unit: kN, m

      02 Beam, Truss Element

      03 Mass


  • 2. Load & Boundary Condition

      01 Self Weight
      02 Floor Load
      03 Time History Load

      04 Support

  • 3. Analysis

      01 Eigenvalue Analysis
      02 Linear Modal Time History Analysis

  • 4. Result Evaluation

      01 Displacement/Velocity/Acceleration 
      02 Member Forces
      03 Time History Graph 


Video Tutorial
Tutorial Linear Time History

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