[midas Gen Application Tutorial]Eurocode 2 Design of a Multi-Story RC Building


Gen 2021 v1.1

Type of Structure

RC Structure with Shear Wall

Applied Design Code

Eurocode 1-4: 2005
Eurocode 2: 2004 (EN 1992-1-1)
Eurocode 8-1 : 2004

Main Features

Generation of Lateral Load
Set Design Parameters
ULS Member Design
SLS Member Design

midas Gen Tutorial Eurocode 2 Design of a Multi-Story RC Building


This tutorial presents the modeling, analysis, and design processes for the multi-story building with the RC frame system and explains the procedure for verifying results. The essential contents for the user to experience in the example are the following:

- How to input the floor load, seismic load by response spectrum, and wind load.

- How to create the members based on the line grid.

- How to run the steel member design according to design code and interpret the design results.

  • 1. Eurocode Design of Reinforced Concrete Building

  • 2. Model

      01 6-Story Reinforced Concrete Building
      02 Element: Wall, Beam

  • 3. Load & Boundary Condition

      01 Self Weight
      02 Floor Loads

      03 Wind Loads

      04 Seismic Loads

      05 Supports

  • 4. Analysis

      01 Linear Static Analysis

Video Tutorial
Tutorial Eurocode 2 Design of
a Multi-Story RC Building

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