[midas nGen Tutorial] Basement & Footing Design


nGen 2021 v1.1

Type of Structure

Basement Wall and Mat Foundation

Applied Design Code


Main Features

Pile spring
Earth Pressure
Footing&Wall design
Drawing Generation

midas nGen Tutorial Basement & Footing Design


This tutorial provides the modeling and design methods for underground structures such as footing and basement wall. In particular, it introduces an useful features for designing the underground structures, such as generating a soil pressure and additional rebars to the basement wall.

  • 1. Getting Started

  • 2. Basement Walls  

  • 3. Footings

  • 4. Loads

  • 5. Analysis Cases

  • 6. Design

  • 7. Design Results

  • 8. Edit Footing

  • 9. Edit Rebar

  • 10. Additional Rebar

  • 11. Review Drawings

Video Tutorial



Tutorial Basement & Footing Design

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