Mastering midas Design+ User's Tips & Member Design as per EC2/EC3

Oct 4th~Oct 31st 2021 (On Demand for Free)· Online


This webinar explains the procedure for Eurocode-based member design modules with Design+, which does not provide design reports in Gen.
Useful features and tips in midas Design+ are following:
- Midas Link (Gen to Design+)
- Generate various types of output format
- User-defined Report Unit system




  • 1. Introduction

    2. Midas Link & Link Option

    3. General Section Column Design

    4. Isolated Footing Design

    5. Baseplate Design

    6. Moment Bolt Connection Design


Key Point
  • Case Study 1: RC Structure

    1. General Section column Design as per EC2:04
    2. Isolated Footing Design as per EC2:04

  • Case Study 2: Steel Structure

    1. Baseplate Design as per EC3:05
    2. Moment Bolt Connection Design as per EC3:05

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