Application Training 4 Storey Steel Carpark Structure Design as per ALSC-LRFD16

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midas Gen is a general-purpose structural analysis and optimal design system. The intuitive user Interface, contemporary computer graphics, and powerful solver are some of the highlights of midas Gen.


The user-oriented input/output features and a wide range of analysis capabilities enable practicing engineers and researchers to readily perform structural analysis and design for even complex and large structures.


midas Gen utilizes the latest multi-frontal solver and analysis algorithms, which instantly generate accurate and practical analysis results. In addition, midas Gen provides design capabilities using various international standards producing optimal design solutions.



  • Analysis and Design of 4-Story Steel Carpark Structure in the Philippines

    1. Design Code : NSCP2015, UBC1997, IBC2012 / ASCE7-10

    2. Material Properties;

    2-1. Structural Steel - ASTMA992/A992M

    3. Design Loads

    3.1 Dead Loads

    3.2 Live Loads

    3.3 Seismic Loads (Static)

    3.4 Seismic Loads (Dynamic)

    3.5 Wind Loads (IBC2012/ASCE7-10, NSCP2015)

Key Point
  • Modeling Based on the Line Grid

  • Seismic Load as per UBC 1997

  • Steel Design as per AISC-LRFD16

  • Optimal Design

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