Mastering midas Gen Static & Dynamic Seismic Analysis as per Eurocode 8

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The presentation will discuss three types of method in seismic analysis with midas Gen; Which are (1) Lateral Dorce Method, (2) Response Spectrum Method, and (3) Pushover Analysis for buildings as per Eurocode 8.

Including the technical knowledge base of three methods, the criteria of three methods, and detailed procedure using midas Gen will be demonstrated.






  • 1. About MIDAS family programs.

    2. Introduction to midas Gen.

    3. Seismic analysis capabilities of midas Gen.

    4. Pushover analysis on masonry.

    5. Rehabilitation measures.


Key Point
  • Static Seismic Analysis

  • Response Spectrum Analysis

  • Pushover Analysis

  • Masonry

  • Rehabilitation

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