Case Study Stability Check of an Existing Concrete Water Tank Structure

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In this webinar, a stability check will be discussed in a concrete water tank using meshed plate elements. The following contents will be covered for Bohol Water Utility Elevated Water Tank located at Tagbilaran, Bohol.

Marjie S. Erispe-Gadon has over 9 years of experience specializing in structural engineering design and design project management. She has expertise with and experience in all types of structural systems specializing in buildings, vertical towers, and bridges.


  • Project Introduction

    Design Criteria & Parameters

    Evaluation And Verification Calculations

    Structural Analysis And Evaluation

    Design Computations

    Results & Findings

    Retrofitting Design

Key Point
  • RC Tank

  • P-Delta Analysis

  • Meshed Slab Design

  • Meshed Wall Design

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