Mastering midas Gen Inclined Slab and Wall Design as per Eurocode2

Dec 13th - Dec 28th on Demand for free


This webinar introduces the procedure for Eurocode-based shell member design using midasGen.
This webinar consists of the followings:
- What is 'shell design'?
- How to do flexural & shear design with shell members?
- Simple modeling for verification with midas Gen

shell design-1

Key Point
  • Introduce & Theory of shell design

    1. The Sandwich Model
    2. The Calculation Procedure of Shell Design

  • Flexural/Shear Design for RC Shell

    1. Shell Flexural Design/Checking
    2. Shell Shear Checking

  • Chapter 1.

    Introduction & Theory of Shell design

  • Chapter 2.

    Shell Flexural Design

  • Chapter 3.

    Optimal Flexural Design

  • Chapter 4.

    Shell Shear Design

  • Chapter 5.

    Verification Example

  • Young-Wook Hur | Midas it

    Young-wook has over 8+ years of experience in building design,especially apartment, complex and palnt structures.He currently working with MIDAS IT as a Technical Manage, mainly assisting with structural engineering-related projects.

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