Mastering midas Gen Performance-Based Design of Buildings using midas Gen

Nov 25th-Dec 9th 2021 (On Demand for Free) · Online


We will introduce the Performance-Based Design for buildings.
What is Performance-Based Design and Why we need Performance-Based Design?
And How to design based on Performance-Based Design.
Along with the answers, you can know all the latest design codes, analysis theory, and program application methods applied to Performance-Based Design.
We will show you the various project applications examples.
Lastly, we can check the analysis results between
midas Gen and P-program.
If you watch this webinar, You can learn about Performance-Based Design in detail.





  • 1. What is Performance-Based Design?

    2. Why Performance-Based Seismic Design?

    3. Methods of Analysis

    4. Application Examples

    5. Conclusion

Key Point
  • Performance Based Design
    Performance Based Design Process
    Nonlinear Analysis
    Seismic Evaluation
    Methods of Analysis
    Performance Objectives
    ASCE 41-13
    FEMA 440
    Tall Buildings Initiative (TBI)
    Guideline for Tall Buildings
    Pushover Analysis
    Time History Analysis
    Hinge & Fiber Model
    Inelastic Material Model
    Results Comparison

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