Application Training Meshed Slab and Wall Design as per ACI318-14

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This tutorial has been provided to explain how to perform the modeling and design for meshed slab and wall as per ACI318-14.



  • An Application of Auto-Mesh Function to Low-Rise Apartment Building

    1. Worldwide Application Area/ Advanced Features / GUI

    2. Architectural Plans, Initial Framing Plan Design Criteria, and other Structural Parameters

    3. Basic Structural Modeling

    4. Application of Loads

    5. Flexural Design of the Plate Elements

    6. Flexural Checking the Plate Elements

    7. Shear Checking of Slab

    8. Serviceability Check of Slab

    9. Meshed Wall Design

Key Point
  • Mesh Modeling

  • Slab Flexural Design

  • Slab Shear Design

  • Meshed Wall Design

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