Case Study Main Technology of High-Rise Design

Feb 3rd - Feb 17th on Demand for free


This webinar introduces the main technology of high-rise building design.
This webinar consists of the followings:
- Introduction of high-rise design
- How to the determination of optimal structure system
- How to control the structure responses for wind
- Introduction of specialized technology


We want to help improve the quality of design by explaining the main technologies for high-rise design and detailed procedures for each technology. Also, I would like to introduce the special design field that is being tried recently.


Main Technology of High Rise Design





Key Point
  • Main Technology of High-Rise Design

    1. Optimal Structure System
    2. Column Shortening
    3. Wind Design

  • Specialized Technology of High-Rise Design

    1. SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) in High-rise design
    2. Preventing Progressive Collapse
    3. Field Engineering in High-Rise building

  • Series 1.

    Introduction of High-rise & Determination of Optimal structure system

  • Series 2.

    Introduction of Structure System & How to Do the Case Study

  • Series 3.

    Column Shortening in High-Rise Design

  • Series 4.

    Wind Design in High-Rise Design

  • Series 5.

    SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) in High-Rise Design

  • Series 6.

    Structural Design for Preventing Progressive Collapse

  • Series 7.

    Field Engineering in High-Rise Building

  • Young-Il Seo | Principal Structural Engineer

    Young-il has over 13+ years of experience in building design, especially high-rise buildings with column reduction analysis, plant structures, pushover analysis, health monitoring, and vibration control projects. Since 2016, he is planning and providing technical supports for midas building products such as midas Gen, nGen, and Design+.

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