Mastering midas Gen Flat Slab with midas Gen

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This webinar presents the modeling, analysis, and design processes for the Flat slab system and explains the procedure for verifying results.


The essential contents for the user to experience in the example are the following:


- How to generate the mesh flat slab model.






- How to check the analysis result for flat slab.






- How to run the flat slab design according to Eurocode 2: 2004






  • 1. Modeling of Flat Slab

    2. Define Domain by Each Strip

    3. Input Slab Load and Load Combinations

    4. Run Analysis and Check the Result

    5. Flexural Design of Flat Slab

    6. Shear Design of Flat Slab

Key Point
  • Mesh Modeling of Slab

  • Flexural Slab Design

  • Shear Slab Design

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