Mastering midas Gen Conversion Force of Concrete Beam by Opening

Oct 27th~Nov 3rd 2021 (On Demand for Free)· Online


When constructing building structures, openings are often constructed in the web area of beams for various equipment. In this case, we would like to explain the following:
1. How to secure the structural safety of the beam.
2. Things to be considered when designing the opening by watching this video, you can learn about basic beam structural analysis, design concepts, and calculation principles of FEM analysis.
 In addition, you can learn more about how to apply midas Gen to beam and finite element analysis for plate elements in the project.




  • 1. Introduction

    2. General Note

    3. Analysis & Design

    4. Conversion Force of Beam by Opening

    5. Finite Element Analysis


Key Point
  • Beam Design
    Beam Web Opening
    Bending Moment Diagram
    Shear Force Diagram
    Beam Rebar Arrangement
    Conversion Force by Web Opening
    Plate Element Analysis
    Finite Element Analysis

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