Mastering midas Gen Applications of Construction Stage Analysis in Structural Design

Nov 8th~Nov 21st 2021 (On Demand for Free)· Online


We will introduce the elastic construction stage analysis in the design of low- and mid-rise buildings. And the following is about the evaluation of column shortening in high rise building using construction stage analysis.

Normally we can get the results with differential shortening of column and wall.

For this reason, an additional member force is generated in the horizontal member by differential shortening.

Therefore, when designing with this analysis result, there will be problems with the safety and usability of the structure.

So, let's check the results of conventional analysis and construction stage analysis numerically.





  • 1. Construction Stage Analysis in Low-Rise Building

    2. Column Shortening in High-Rise Building

    3. Check Crack at Joint of High-Rise and Low-Rise

    4. Construction Stage Analysis at Underground



Key Point
  • Construction Stage Analysis
    Differential Shortening
    Problems of Conventional Analysis
    Difference between Conventional Analysis & CS Analysis
    Column Shortening in High-Rise Building Design
    Equation for Estimating a Shrinkage & Creep
    Calculation of Elastic
    Shortening According to ACI Committee 209
    Factor for Environment Variables and Member Shapes

    Designing Stage Considering Column Shortening

    Outrigger & Belt Wall
    Shortening in High-Rise Design using midas Gen


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