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"The Behavior of Building Structure Considering Soil-Structure Interaction"

  • Sep 13th~Sep 26th 2021 (On Demand for Free)
  • Online


The topic of the webinar is “A case study on the behavior of building structure considering Soil-Structure Interaction”. This webinar covers soil structure interaction analysis fields to study.
And there are a lot of soil structure interaction related theories and practices that need to be learned.
We would like to talk about the behavior of structure based on soil structure interaction analysis, using the MIDAS program.
After today’s webinar, you will be able to learn about the overall understanding of soil stucture interaction analysis practice and understand the analytic process of the program.

In step one, we will explain the theoretical background of SSI analysis and the reason behind why soil structure interaction analysis should be done.
In step two, we will explain the type of soil structure interaction analysis and briefly demonstrate how the soil model should be applied when analyzing soil structure interaction.
In step three, we will explain how to apply soil structure interaction analysis in practice through 3D integrated modeling, using MIDAS software MIDAS Gen and GTS NX.



  • Topic 1. 

    Theoretical Background of Soil-Structure Interaction

  • Topic 2.

    Analysis Method for Soil-Structure Interaction

  • Topic 3. 

    midas Gen & GTS NX Interface Tutorial

Key Points

Soil Structure Interaction Analysis
Soil Models 
Traditional Model vs. Integrated 3D Model
midas Gen & GTS NX Interface
Case Study 1: RC Structure with Pile
Case Study 2: RC Structure with Basement Wall and Raft




    Eddie Hong 


    Senior Engineer, MIDAS IT



    His main role is to work closely with structural engineers around the world to ensure they are satisfied with midas structural software products (midas Gen, nGen) and cater to areas of improvement. He also manages multiple training programs to show the shortest path to the completion of wide variety of Structural Projects.




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